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Prism • Breyer’s newest decorator model, Prism, is a colorful work of art that will thrill your eyes and delight  your spirit! •
 Decorated in a bright array of hues, Prism features white pinto markings that enhance his eye-catching looks. • Limited edition of 3,500 pieces. Inquire about availability MAAP $59.99

#1797 LV Integrity • An Arabian gelding, MAAP $46.99
#1493 Back By Popular Demand. Sergeant Reckless • Named “Reckless” by the Marines fighting in the Korean War, MAAP  $39.99

#1803 King • King is a 2001 American Paint  Horse owned by the Trixie Chicks.   A favorite of performers and students, MAAP $46.99
#1805 An American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse, 
Harley sports a black blanket appaloosa coat. • As a track “pony,”
Harley safely leads Thoroughbreds to the starting gate at important races such as the Kentucky Derby MAAP $44.99

#62059 Aurora  MAAP $19.99


Stablemates Mystery Unicorn Surprise  24 pc Display • These fun surprise unicorns a total of 7 styles are included in each display, and a special chase piece is found in 25% of displays.
• Includes 24 assorted pieces in a colorful counter display
Special  Buy all 24 in an unopened box for $99.99   Free shipping.  Or 4 unopened for $16...  or 1 for $4

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