GREAT for gift giving to play with instead of the big expensive models.
UPDATED  7/6 with those that have been sold marked

Starting July 5.
Limited to in stock so
email first for availability
These are all $10 each or 6 for $50
These were previously loved and have rubs.
Some are in very good condition.

Email with Name - Address - HOW YOU ARE PAYING
Item wanted (group and letter)..  thanks,

I did not take time to look these up.
Group 1
Left to right
A. pinto ASB  Sold
B. palomino
C.Pinto draft
D. Palomino Arab
E. Cody Qh

Group 2
first row. A. Pinto draft foal - very nice sold.
B. QH foal
C. Lipizaner old sold
D. Bay, glossy Arab Mare
E. Arab foal
F. Jumper no base.
Middle row G. Welsh Cob
I. Unicorn ( tip of horn gone)
Back row
  j. White
K. Buckskin

Group 3
A. Pinto foal
B Appy laying down foal
C. Bay ASB
D. Clyde mare
E.pinto ( forgot name) SOLD
F. roan running stallion SOLD

Group 4
A. Misty 1
B. Misty 2
C. Appy
D. Roemer?
E. Bay clyde foal
middle row/ F. Running stallion
G. charcoal Arab SOLD
back row  H. Pinto
I Rearing stallion
J. Running stallion
K. horse with blanket, NOT Breyer

Group 5
Classics,  Some customized
A. Custom Appy Arab
B. palomino arab
C. mustang ( walmart?)
D. Andalusian mare
E. Custom multicolor rearing stallion
middle row. F. Custom dapple
G. Bay
H. Green custom rearing appy
I. Orange custom realing appy
J. Charcoal foal ( trad) SOLD
K. Andalusian stallion
L. Appy rearing
M. buckskin rearing mustant
N. black custom
O. Blue custom fighting stallion