Model Horse Holders
Pre-made and custom

Inexpensive -  made with rough wood.  sanded but not painted or stained.

 GREAT  for shows so the DOMINO affect does not happen if your table gets bumped.
Also great for displaying at home where pets and children ( or adults) may cause accidents.
Custom orders see details below...

(  some models with feet close together do not stand flat )

Large: 10 horse stall - 36 inches long - base 2 1/2 inches wide,  double pegs.  about 3 1/2 inches between pegs.

$9.00  / 2 for $17.00

Medium:6 horse stall - 25 inches long, base 2 1/2 inches wide, about 4 inches between pegs ( nice for costumed horses)

$7.00/ 2 for $13.00

ONE OF EACH $15 for the pair.

These are made of wood. NOT painted or stained so that your model does not get marks.
You can make clothe or felt covers to further protect your model.

The pegs are glued in so they do not  come out . 

MINIMUM 2 for $20  & $8 each additional 
Need length desired (  up to 36 inches)  and thickness of base  (1 1/2 or  2  1/2 inches) 
Single pegged instead of double like above on 1 1/2 inch base.
Will drill holes so you can put pegs at desired distances..
Pegs are NOT glued in.
Minimum 2 for $20 

Shipping costs depends on zip code. 
Email with questions.

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