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PLAY SETS -  These are Great for play.  Super Value and lots of fun

 What could be better than having a job you really love?
This girl is lucky enough to babysit a cute black and white pinto foal and her Beagle and cat friends.
Caring for these animals takes a responsible person, but she is up the job with your help!
The set includes a 1:12 scale foal, 6" articulated and fully clothed doll, Beagle dog, cat, foal blanket, water bowl, brush and ball.

REG PRICE $24.99    MY PRICE  $20.00

#61036 Animal Rescue SET
 This little foal got lost, but luckily he met up with a friendly Corgi and a white cat.
 They brought the foal to the vet to make sure he wasn't hurt and to help him find his way home.
Our vet makes sure they get the help they need!
The set includes some tools to help her including a blanket, first aid kit and a bucket with sponge.

REG PRICE $24.99    MY PRICE  $20.00

More Painting fun
#4157  Horse lovers can create the horse family of their dreams with this easy-to-use and fun kit! Good for beginners, yet challenging enough for more experienced painters, this set contains three Stablemates models. Easy to follow color instructions!Includes: 2 Stablemates Horses and 1 Stablemates Foal, 3 Colors of acrylic paint, 1 Paint brush, and 1 Full-color instruction sheet.

REG $9.99    My price $8.00

#4158 Young equine artists can create their unique mare and foal as they learn about horse colors! The 5" mare and foal have brushable manes and tails. Easy to follow color instructions!Includes: 1 Paddock PalsŪ scale Mare and 1 Paddock Pals scale Foal, 3 Colors of acrylic paint, 1 Paint brush, and 1 Full-color instruction sheet.
REG $9.99    My price $8.00

SPECIAL  ask for Kids price
(If bought separately over $60)

 My Favorite Horse Series

#1409 Let's Go Riding English
 Everything she needs for a casual day of trail riding!
Dressed in the latest casual riding attire, our rider is all set to hop on her beautiful chestnut Morgan mare for a fun ride.
 Morgan horses are the all-around versatile family horse, equally at home on the trails as in the show ring.
This set comes with everything pictured as well as a colorful double-sided poster of the model horse hobby.
 This is the perfect gift for the beginning model horse shower who loves English riding!
Includes: 1:9 scale Morgan model horse, English saddle set with bridle, 8" articulated rider doll and poster!

REG Price $49.99   My usual price $39.99   KIDS PRICE $36.99

#1410 Let's Go Riding WESTERN
  Timeless and season-less, this Traditional Series palomino pinto and matching rider is the perfect gift for any young horse lover or new hobbyist!
The horse is tacked with a pink felt saddle pad, Western saddle and bridle.
The rider wears an outfit of pink and blue that coordinates with the saddle pad and includes a charming cowboy hat
with matching sky blue ribbon hat band. Also includes educational 11" x 17" double-sided poster!

REG Price $49.99   My usual price $39.99   KIDS PRICE $36.99


Get ready for the winner's circle! This exciting set features a sleek race horse outfitted in racing tack.
The 6" articulated female jockey is sporting flashy racing silks that match the horses tack.
 Learn more about horse racing with the included color poster that's packed with information!

REG Price $49.99   My usual price $39.99   KIDS PRICE $36.99

SPECIAL  ask for Kids price
  Classic Horse - Tack and Accessories
(If bought separately over $30)

#61058 Show Jumping]
 This chestnut horse is ready for a day of riding, and comes prepared with
English tack that includes a saddle, bridle and saddle pad.
This set also includes a red and white jump and a tack trunk!

( great with #61052 English doll)
Sug Price $24.99     KIDS PRICE $22.00

#61057 Barrel Racing
 This palomino paint horse is ready for Western events!
Decked out in a tooled Western saddle with silver detailing, bridle, and saddle pad,
this horse is ready to make a dash down the fence line to the blue Breyer barrel (fence and barrel included).

Sug Price $24.99     KIDS PRICE $22.00


 Cow - Dog - Horse - Pig

Thesefloppy farm friends  are 6" tall.
REG price $7.50  each -   KIDS PRICE $5.50  each
or all 4 $20.00

Milkshake is a soft beanie cow that wears a Breyer bandana and has a Breyer "B" stitched on its foot.
Riley is a soft beanie dog that wears a Breyer bandana. 
 Trotter is a soft beanie horse that wears a Breyer bandana. 
Pinkie is a soft beanie pig that wears a Breyer bandana.

Coloring books

  #4112 Pumpernickel Goes to the Fair
   Coloring book
    64 pages

#4120 "H is for Horse"
From Appaloosa to Zebra, this coloring and activity book features many breeds. It will keep you busy with horsy fun for hours and hours!



    #7000   Features exciting drawings of Breyer models in fun, easy-to-color settings.
   Also features  puzzles and games for hours of entertainment!

   #4160  Stablemates Coloring & Activity Book
  A wonderful gift for your horse loving child. This book stars many of our favorite Stablemates
   friends in plenty of great pictures and     activities for your child to enjoy coloring and reading at home.


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