UPDATED  9/6/19
 I would like to get as much of my retired inventory gone by the end of the year.  This is the traditionals, retired.  I will be posting some on Ebay.  I will have specials as the year comes to an end but MANY of these I only have one of so NOW is the time to order.  Send your address, what you would like and how you can pay.

    NOW Is a great time to stock up for Christmas and gift giving.
 Thanks,    I will be adding classics and others soon.

 Traditional retired
Winter wonderland $42.00   Celestine $42.00

Seamus $45.00,    Toro $65.00 , Bisbee $59.00 ,  Sugarmaple $50.00

 Kodi $55.00,    Alejandro $55.00 SOLD

Sahran $69,    Elska $45.00

Don't Look Twice $45.00,    Bandera  $30.00,  QH 75th Anniversary $30.00

  Slick $45.00 ,  Big Chex to Cash $45.00

  Spirit ( still in line) $35,  Boomerang retired $40 sold, Chica Linda $40

  Zena $40
Let'sGo Riding Western with tack/ no rider $32,  Pinto Western $40,  Pinto English $40v  sold,  Morgan English $40

  Cherry Creek $25,  Peace of MInd $30

  Picasso $38,   Jake $44

  Cortes $45.00,  Brunello $32, WElsh Cob $30,

  Foals with blanket and bracelet $20,  Buckskin foal $22

  Mu Wen ASB $45  Sold,  Fun Foals Mare $20

Harley D. Zip  $40,  American Pharoah $35

  British Pony $27,  Rhapsody $44, Paso $35

  Baby Flo $38, Canadian Musical Ride $45 

  Mustang Mid state special run $24 Comes with box. Model fine , box rough
  Proud mare / Foal  Still attached to box but box really rought. $25

   Springtime Filly ( slightly bigger than traditional) $25