After selling on the internet, both auctions and
thru my own web pages, I have decided on the following guidelines.   

I can not mark  items as gifts and put a low value on them when
the buyer has requested it.  I CAN NOT DO THIS
  I could be liable up to $10,000 and jail time.  From now on
international orders will be marked as internet sale and value of item.  I know this is expensive for
you international  buyers but it is not worth it to me  if I should get audited.
I will continue to sell over seas but please understand it must be done legally.


Please email me within 3 days after the close of an auction.
(Prefer hearing sooner)
I usually email the same day an auction closes unless
I am not at home.  ( Life does happen)

If you do not hear from me it might be that
my emails are not getting thru to you. This happens
alot if you have AOL
Please contact me a second time.
If I do not hear from you in 3 days, I will
try sending an email from my second email address
dedeto@yahoo.com   or an invoice from the auction site, or
from my Paypal account.

Payment expected within 10 days after receiving the shipping
costs.  I will do a ten day notice ( thru Ebay).  I will leave

RETURN OF AUction Item:
If you get an item that is not as described in the
auction I will refund the buyer price, after the item
is returned and in the same condition as when it was
sent to the buyer but you must contact
me first and explain the problem. ( 7 days) I try very
hard to keep my descriptions as accurate
as possible but I am not an expert. I get
many items from estate sales. Some auctions
are clearly marked AS IS.:

I sell many Breyers and sell many
NEW IN BOX Breyers. I check for
obvious flaws but do not guarantee
Live show quality.  These models
are considered Factory Mint in box.
No refunds:  however  you email me and
let me know exactly what the problem is
and we can work out an exchange.

I usually do not do partial refunds.


After an inquiry I will email the cost of shipping,
and other options.  Payment expected within
10 days unless other arrangements are made.
If I do not hear from you again or receive payment,
within the 10 days, the item(s) will go up for sale.

I do Lay-aways.  Usually 25% down and half
of the remainder $$ in 1 month. Final payment
1 month later. UNLESS other arrangements are made.
If I do not hear back from you when remainder of
payment is do, I will email you 2X. If no  response
the money is forfeited and the item(s) go
back up for sale.

If sending a deposit for me to hold
  a pre sale Breyer  item, I will expect payment  within 10 days
after the item is in stock or

your name will be put on the bottom of the
hold list and you might not get it . Many items are Special Run
or LImited editions and I have to Pre order
months before they are released.


I accept NON Credit card Paypal or echeck
thru Paypal.  I have a personal Paypal account
that does not take credit cards. I do this to
help keep my costs down  . Paypal ID   dedeto@npacc.neet



As a convenience to my customers.
However to keep my costs down I only charge people who use this account

the Paypal charges (.30 plus 3%) . It is still much cheaper and easier then going to
the bank or post office, buying
a money order, making out an envelope and stamp.
I also take Bidpay ( credit card option found on Auction page) or   money orders.
Personal checks accepted but there is a 10 day
wait after I cash the check ( I usually go
to the bank on Tuesdays and Fridays).

If buying International.  I take
Paypal or an international Money order. Payment
in US dollars.  I also now charge an extra $2.50 handling fee for
international orders.
 Items will be shipped parcel post with insurance when possible.

I usually go to the post office on Tuesdays
and Fridays. I live on a hill out in the country
and when the weather is bad I can not always get
there as planned.
I usually ship USPS Priority Mail. Delivery
tracking a must. Insurance optional but recommended
on items over $50.  Also a must on porcelain or breakable items.

   I am not responsible
for damaged or
lost items in the mail.  I pack as carefully as possible.

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