Email for availability.

Selling as is to first one who can pay with NON fees Paypal.  Holds for 5 days if check or money order ( unless you are a reg. customer)

Need these gone ASAP   Cleaning out old boxes of models from group lots etc.

Selling as bodies.  Rubs but no breaks.  Great for play, painting or customizing.

PAGE 1 Foals A-G
Classic foals $4.   Little bay B with white face is the worst one of the group with many rubs.  Rest are in very good., some with minor rubs

PAGE 1  - Lot 1  Classic sized Mustangs.  I believe these were Walmart Specials  VERY GOOD   all 3 for $25


PAGE 1  A-D :A Shiny spots, very good  $20
B-D Shiny spots, rubs, nothing broken as is. $18 each

PAGE 1  -   #1  Wood Grain VERY Good  $25
#2  Paint Very Good $24
#3 Buckskin Very Good $22

PAGE 1  - Lot 2 -  Old mold Running Foal and grazing mare.
 Both in very good shape ( do have seem lines) Might be good in a collector class
Both $32


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