Opal Trunk Show Horse Arabian

The Precious Stone Series consists of models that are designed to resemble a precious stone. This one resembles the Opal stone. Shading and hues of blues and pinks vary from very light to very dark. The Arabian (along with the Opal TB) are the 7th in the Precious Stone Series. The Arabian was limited to Jan-Jun 2001 production.

Number: 9951

Mold:Arabian - Original Mold

Color:Decorator - MisC.


Series:Precious Stone Series
This is one of the lighter versions.

Arabian halter included.


Inglenook:  I showed many times and won several NAN cards. I do not find any faults on him.


Mold:Arabian - Original Mold




 This gorgeous Arabian costume was made by Beladaira Designs ( see card) I do not know if she still makes these but this one was really great. Kept in a box so some of the tassels need to be flattened.  I did not take alot of time positioning the set on the horses but you can see the detail. Looking it over I find one gem missing on the off side. See picture.



On a Saddlebred ASB  This model is a blank.  In 2002 WCMHC Jamboree Tricked Out Pony Contest used these blanks to have customers repaint and then they held a contest. This is the only blank one I have seen.

Same costume on Huckleberry mold.