Ok  I sent Pictures and everyone said they did not go thru.  Here is our new Baby.
  He is a toy sheltie.   He does not have the lassie markings so he is not show quality.
He is our little misfit.  Cute as a button and more work then I remember with my kids.
Born Oct 20, 2003


These are chew toys.
First week at home.  
Rocky is very small.

 DARN!!  I am so cute..

Our Big OLD Dog 
Pebbles is a poodle mix.
12 years old and very, 
very unhappy. Jealous
He has an attitude.
Guilty?  What did I do?


does not want to share her toys.


That's My duck
  Shelties like to slap
When he walks, he looks like he is 

There must be something here for me

I did not find any puppy  toys


This old cat, 
is not impressed with this new puppy.

I was just playing.
I didn't mean to get dirty.

YEP, There's that bald spot!!
I'm taking a nap.

Leave me alone..
Let sleeping dogs lie, lay,   ALONE!!
What did you call this? Snow?

  If I follow in the footsteps, I won't get stuck.
This is not funny.
I am stuck
   Me when I first came here Dec 9th, 2003   7 weeks old

  NOW I am 3 months old  Jan 19th , 2004



This is my first mommy 

 Stay away from the cats

      Slap that cat

Friends?  I doubt it